Privacy Policy

Here we provide aii privacy policies at website.Here we provide all we collect information and also website uses and also visitors information,We can give a chance to visitors at our website to read all privacy polices before using at our website.We can provide external links.

What We Collect :

We can collect some information from the users to improve our service better.
We can select the log files likes IP address,browse type,intent service provider,
and how media time spend the user in my website.and improve our website.

Advertisement and policies Based:

On the user behavior and user interest Ad net works like micro soft and all other net works will display the advertisements.
We can’t control the know more details about the ad net works read ad privacy polices for better under stand at advertisement.

How We Protect User Data:

We can connect the data for improve services as very well.We can’t give users information to the third party.
We can respect our customers,and their privacy, personal details. have the own privacy policy.

For any more information about privacy policy please contact us.